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Zero2Hero Project

Everything you need in 1 Package

Extra Guidance

Everything you need to become safe and independent.

Private Lessons

One-on-one Kite Lessons customized and optimized for your personal learning curve.

Kite Gear Deals

Get gear deals due to our partnership with Kitemana & LieuweBoards.

One Session
A Day of Kitesurfing
2 Hours Kitesurf Lessons 
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Total Cost = 250€


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Ninna Zenni

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Zero2Hero Project

Loïc is one of the best instructors for any sport I’ve encountered.


As a complete beginner to kitesurfing, his patience and clam demeanor made all the difference in ensuring that I could stay focused and confident learning a complex sport where many of the conditions are out of your control.


He also made sure to prioritize the fundamentals - learning the core components slowly and thoroughly to build a foundation that can make or break your success.


I wish I could have him as a coach all the time and I’ve been inspired to continue learning. If you’re lucky enough to take a lesson with him, you’ll be a better athlete for it.

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